Key Facts

  • Investigate ageing workforce needs
  • Develop new age-friendly industrial systems
  • Improve the Labor 4.0 paradigm for ageing workers in manufacturing

The MAIA project has 6 key scientific and technological interdisciplinary challenges:

1) Investigate the aging workforce needs and requirements in modern international manufacturing systems

2) Collect,analyze and compare age-related data on production systems between different countries

3) Develop new models to support age-oriented production system design and validate these with world-wide real case studies.

4) Develop new design principles to create human centred assembly and production workspaces suitable for aging workforce conditions by researching and advancing productivity, quality and safety paradigms.

5) Design and test new ergonomics devices, active power systems and human-assisted workstations in order to support aging workers

6) Develop new prototypes of immersive and virtual based design methods and technologies in order to achieve and improve on the “Labor 4.0” paradigms for ageing workers.