Key Facts

  • Exchange knowledge at International level
  • Internationally shared supervision of young researchers and doctoral students
  • Operation managers involvement for testing and validating methods and tools
  • Linkage with ISO, UNI and DIN for developing new standards

Europe, together with other developed/rapidly developing economies (RDE), such as the USA, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, are experiencing a similar problem: a rapidly increasing proportion of older workers in the industrial workforce (aged more than 55 years old). In the same time, the retirement age of  industrial workers is rising in many countries, reaching very fast the 70 years.

The industry related implications of this phenomena are deep and wide-spread, including concerns involving workforce depletion and irrecoverable loss of experiential knowledge. MAIA results will encourage the efficient use of  Industry 4.0 technologies and processes, the age-friendly design of the production system, the ergonomic oriented design od the work-space with also new tech assisted working methods.

The project MAIA will foster changes in managerial styles and organizational incentive and improvement programs.