MAIA Project publications

Human factors in production and logistics systems of the future – 2020

  • Fabio Sgarbossa, Eric H.Grosse, W. Patrick Neumann, Daria Battini, Christoph H.Glock (2020). This paper summarizes the vision, challenges and opportunities in this research field, based on the experience of the authors, members of the Working Group 7 (WG7) “Human factors and ergonomics in industrial and logistic system design and management” of the IFAC Technical Committee (TC) 5.2 “Manufacturing Modelling for Management and Control”


International Journal of Production Research – 2020

  • Dmitry Ivanov, Christopher S. Tang, Alexandre Dolgui, Daria Battini & Ajay Das (2020). Researchers’ perspectives on Industry 4.0: multi- disciplinary analysis and opportunities for operations management. In this paper, we provide a focused analysis to examine the state-of-the-art research in Industry 4.0.


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Sustainability of an Activity Node in Global Supply Chains – 2020

  • Bogataj, D., Bogataj, M. and Drobne, S., 2020. 


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Risk Mitigation in a Meat Supply Chain with Options of Redirection – 2020

  •  Bogataj, D., Hudoklin, D., Bogataj, M., Dimovski, V. and Colnar, S., 2020.


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International Journal of Production Economics – 2021

  • W. Patrick Neumann, Sven Winkelhaus, Eric H.Grosse, Christoph H.Glock (2021). Industry 4.0 and the human factor – A systems framework and analysis methodology for successful development.


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State of the art and directions for future research – 2021


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