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The Twenty-first International Working Seminar on Production Economics took place in February 24-28, 2020 in Innsbruck (Austria).

The conference provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to meet, present and develop ideas on subjects within the field of Production Economics, which treats the interface between engineering and economics/management. Daria Battini, Serena Finco, Nicola Berti, Olga Battaia, Eric Grosse, Marija Bogataj attended the conference and presented new results from MAIA project. Also the MAIA project advisors Alexandre Dolgui and Fabio Sgarbossa have been present. Nicola Berti and Serena Finco presented a paper entitled “Minimizing human fatigue and make-span in a dual resource constrained job shop scheduling problem” which takes into consideration different workers’ age.

The conference has been a success as usual even if the COVID-19 shutdown was starting..